Style meets functionality meets performance.

Introducing the S555, the UK's newest radio for the radio user who demands practicality, performance and value for money.

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4 Watt UHF Licensed Radio.
Easy to use

Pre-programmed to work on UK light licence frequencies, the S555 requires no user set up, just charge up and go.

Superior audio

The S555 boasts fantastic audio quality, making it even easier to understand the message being broadcast, first time, every time.

High power

With its high power output, the S555 will give a range improvement over all licence free (446) radios. Making them suitable for small to large sites.

Not sure about coverage on your site? Want to see how well they work first hand?

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Save time

No more running around trying to find that illusive member of staff. One push of a button and you can contact your whole team.

Value for money

From £89 ex vat per radio, the S555 offers great value for money compared to other radios on the market with the same feature set.

World class Support

Our team of Radio Specialists are on the end of the phone for you to help you get the most out of your system.

Sounds good?

Give us a call 01535 517007or email to talk in more detail. Why not arrange a free 7day trial? It's no obligation, so nothing to lose!

    Pricing (ex vat)

Single Radio


  • Expand your fleet as and when
    • Pre-programmed
  • Free carriage

Twin Pack


  • Buy in pairs, save money
  • Equates to £104.50 per radio
  • Free carriage

Six Pack


  • The ultimate value pack
  • Equates to £109 per radio
  • Free carriage